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My Little Pony - Equestrian Mailmare Sparkle Collector's Box - Deck Box - EN MLP-CB3659


Cena: 15.28 EUR

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This box really delivers! Featuring one of fans? most beloved characters, everyone will be rushing to check this collector?s item off their lists. This one-of-a-kind box is stuffed with lots of fun, including the Equestrian Mailmare: Special Delivery Foil Card, 1 Canterlot Nights Booster Pack, 2 Premier Booster Packs, a special sticker for just about anything, and a poster. Surely the Equestrian Mailmare Collector?s Box will be a must-have in any gamer or collector?s wish list! Product Includes: - Special Foil Card (Equestrian Mailmare: Special Delivery) - 1 Canterlot Nights Booster Pack - 2 Premier Booster Packs - 1 Special Sticker - Poster