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My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash Collector's Tin - Deck Box - EN MLP-4045


Cena: 17.37 EUR

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Rainbow Dash bursts onto the scene with this dashing tin. The Rainbow Dash Collector?s Tin is filled with plenty of fun that includes a Rainbow Dash Foil Card, 2 Canterlot Nights Booster Packs, 2 Premier Booster Packs, and a Poster! Plus, collectors will be able to keep track of posters with a checklist that will be available within. All of this inside a cool tin will have collector?s making a dash to add the Rainbow Dash Collector?s Tin to their assortment of My Little Pony? items. Product Includes: - 1 Rainbow Dash Foil Card - 2 Canterlot Night Booster Packs - 2 Premier Booster Packs - 1 Poster