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The Spoils - Decade of Deckadence - EN AT-81010


Cena: 38.00 EUR

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The Decade of Deckadence (DOD) is unlike any product we've ever offered before. It is a self-contained game, used to draft and play sealed right out of the box. Combining two DODs provides a playset of all the cards for a perfect jumping on point for constructed tournaments. New retailers all over the world should begin with this product and add booster expansions to it. Designed to incorporate many of the most powerful cards in The Spoils history, the DOD adds 89 brand new powerful cards to the game for exciting limited and constructed play. New, fuller art templates lets the art shine. With the low suggested selling price of ? 44,99, there has never been an easier way start reaping The Spoils. Each box contains: - 428 cards - assorted tokens - new full color rule book