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Weiß Schwarz - Meister Set: Love Live! Vol.2 - EN WS-MS-401711-EN


Cena: 68.40 EUR

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Introducing the all new Meister Set! Starting from the English Edition of Weiß Schwarz "Love Live! Vol.2 The ""Meister Set"" is a new series of products aimed at collectors of the highly popular Bushiroad Weiß Schwarz products!" Product Features The Meister Set will come with a Rubber Mat, Storage Box and a PR card. All of these items are exclusive to the ""Meister Set""! The storage box can hold approximately 700 cards inside! The Meister Set also contains 10 Booster Packs from ""Love Live! Vol.2"" *Cards included in the Packs are the same as the Booster Pack ""Love Live! Vol.2""! Product Specifications Packs: 100 types of cards + 27 parallels 8 cards per pack This product contains the following items: -Rubber Playmat -Storage box -Exclusive PR card -10 booster packs from ""Love Live! Vol.2"" *Wei? Schwarz English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupon. *English and Japanese edition cards may be played together in tournament formats (Excluding Japan). However, language restriction may apply in major tournament formats. *English edition cards cannot be used in official tournaments that are held within Japan."