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YGO - Clash of Rebellions - Booster Display (24 Packs) - EN YGO-CORE-EN


Cena: 83.98 EUR

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? Contains the first XYZ/Pendulum Monster - combining these two types of monster for the first time. ? Includes a new, powerful theme called Igknights - expected to be very popular and become a high level tournament deck. ? Following on from Dragons of Legend 2, CORE contains more powerful support for the 'Red-Eyes' theme - one of the iconic monsters from the Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series and another strong Toon monster. ? Contains a number of standalone strong cards, which will be played by a number of high-level decks ? More themes from ARC-V will be represented with Performapal, Raidraptor and Superheavy Samurai also included - 100 card booster set, all cards are new and will be released in Europe for the first time - 9 cards per booster, 24 booster per display, 12 displays per case - boosters are released as first edition - SRP 3.99 EUR