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Stelton 7x23cm Bread Tray (Lime)


Cena: 49.99 EUR

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Stelton 7x23cm Bread Tray (Lime)

  • Beautiful Embrace Design
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Basket
  • High Quality 100% Cotton bread Bag
  • Stylish way of serving bread or snacks at the table
  • Scandinavian Design

You complete the setting around a lovely meal by how you serve the food and decorate the table. Now, the Embrace-line introduces an impressive bread bowl giving you the opportunity to add an exclusive look to the table. Enjoy the bowl's soft; elegant shape that combined with stainless steel gives a minimalistic and characteristic look and feel at once. Whether you fill it with bread and crackers, we promise that the bowl will shine on your table.

Box Contains

1 x Embrace bread tray, 7 x 23 cm. Lime