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Fisher Price - Imaginext Space P6460


Cena: 108.80 EUR

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Fisher Price - Imaginext Space P6460

  • Imaginext Space Spider Vehicle unlocks an imaginative world of adventure with every turn of its figures
  • The vehicle has a clear dome that opens and closes
  • It features 6 different "legs" that all come with a diffrent tool: claw, hammer, scanner, saw, shovel, and auger
  • Figure is included to activate twist 'n turn features
  • Boys will love to imagine their own space adventures with this new cool vehicle

Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Feature - Spider vehicle is an imaginative vehicle with six legs to take you on space missions. Each leg of the vehicle has a cool tool attached including a claw, a hammer, a scanner, a saw, a shovel and an auger. It's equipped to dig up a new fun filled space adventure every time. The Spider vehicle comes along with a figure with a helmet and a ray gun.

Why You'll Love It: Dig into the adventure of the Imaginext Space world with nicely equipped Spider vehicle.

Age: 3 years and up


  • Figures included to activate twist and turn features
  • Cool tools that can be attached to spider vehicle
  • Accessories to attach include a claw, a hammer, a scanner, a saw, a shovel and an auger
  • Creative space adventure game play