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Galda spēle Adventure Time Card Wars Hero Pack #1 - EN CZE01834


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Your Adventure Time Card Wars game is about to get personal! Now play AS your favorite character from the show: Finn, Jake, BMO, Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Cosmic Owl, Tree Trunks, Billy, and many more. Your new in-game persona also grants you a special ability that will work wonders with the decks from the Collector?s Packs, or your own customized decks. Hero cards sit next to the battlefield and can affect play each and every turn. Your games will take on new life with a Hero card by your side, powering your way to victory and Cool Guy status! Each character has a unique Hero Power that adds new punch to your already sweet decks! Play a new Hero with an old deck and discover new paths to victory! Includes the following fifteen Hero cards: Abracadaniel Billy BMO Cosmic Owl Finn Huntress Wizard Jake Lady Rainicorn Lumpy Space Princess Magic Man Princess Bubblegum Prismo Ricardio Susan Strong Tree Trunks