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Galda spēle Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - EN 51337


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The sorcerer has sent you, a street urchin like Aladdin, into a cave to look for a magic lamp that lets you call upon a genie?s favors. However, the cave also encloses fabulous treasures sorted into three chests. If you?re not too greedy, this could be your chance to become rich! A turn has 3 phases during which everyone plays simultaneously. First, choose how many Chest cards you want to draw and from which chest. Then, call out to the genie by being the fastest. Finally, if you haven?t been too greedy, draw Chest cards while avoiding the scorpions. The game ends when a player draws one of the 3 Sorcerer cards and closes the cave. Contents ? 5 Treasure boards ? 5 dice ? 78 Chest cards (3 types of chests: bronze, silver, and gold) ? 25 Lamp cards ? 1 Magic Ring token ? 8 starting cards ? 1 rulebook ? 1 tale