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Galda spēle Ascendants of Aetheros - Card Game Set - EN AoA-940280-EN


Cena: 39.90 EUR

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Note: Not a Trading Card Game! One piece is all you need to play. Ascendants of Aetheros is a thrilling stand-alone card game combining strategy, skill and a little bit of luck. The game is ideal for two to four players and set in the magical world of Aetheros. Players take on the role of an Ascendant and compete to become the next Sage by acquiring the rarest Sky Shards. This set comes with everything you need to play the game! Contents: ?5 Empyrean cards ?48 Lightbringer cards ?50 Action cards ?50 Sky Shard cards ?1 Communal Domain paper playmat ?4 Player paper playmat ?Quick play sheet ?Rulebook