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Galda spēle Birds on a Wire - EN 101123


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You've heard the old saying: Birds of a feather flock together?" Well, the same is true when they gather on wires, that is, before they get zapped and fly away. Players arrange birds into sets on their power lines trying to create the best scoring combinations. But watch out! In this game of migrating birds and zaps, scores go up and down and you never know if your score is the highest until the very end. You win the game if you have the best set of birds on a wire at the end, with either all the same attributes (color or shape), one and only one attribute alike, or no attributes at all alike! This game has two sets of rules, one for families with young children (7 and up) and one for more advanced play. This is a delightful game for kids and families that you'll want to play again and again. GRYPHON BOOKSHELF SERIES #8 Contents: 63 Bird Tiles 5 Power Line Cards 1 Sky Card 4 Zap Tiles 1 Cloth Bag 1 Rule Sheet"