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Galda spēle Cookies - DE/EN/FR/NL/IT/SP 880284


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The aroma of fresh cookies is in the air! The baking trays are ready, the oven has been turned on ? now the cookies need to be baked. Stars, hearts, flowers, and round cookies have been cut out and await being shoved into the oven. But which cookies will be put on the baking tray first? With a lucky hand for the dice-rolling and a consideration of tactics, players fill the trays one after the other and decorate the cookies with sprinkles. When a tray is full, it is shoved into the oven. All four kinds of cookies have to be baked to completion within the stated baking time! Cookies is an exciting cooperative race for cookies, sprinkles, and a place on the baking tray. With a 3-D baking oven Cooperative children game D, GB, F, NL, IT, E