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Airfix - English Electric Lightning F2A F6 1:48 A09178


Cena: 44.00 EUR

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Airfix - English Electric Lightning F2A F6 1:48  A09178

  • 1:48 scale plastic model kit
  • Construction and painting required; paints, glues and brushes not included
  • Skill level: 3 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeller)
  • Dimensions: length: 350mm x width: 220mm
  • Number of parts: 153

The F.6 was the ultimate Lightning version to see British service. The lack of cannon was finally rectified in the form of a modified ventral tank with two ADEN cannon in the front. The final British Lightning was the F.2A. The F.2A retained the A.I.23 and Firestreak missile, the nose cannon, and the earlier Avon 211R engines. Although the F.2A lacked the thrust of the later Lightnings, it had the longest tactical range of all Lightning variants, and was used for low-altitude interception over Germany.

Box Contains

1 x unassembled model kit, 1 x instructions, 1 x decal sheet