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Brio - Buffer Stops 33387


Cena: 40.30 EUR

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Brio - Buffer Stops

Very rare set from the 90s. These painted buffer stops can fit on the end of any wooden railway track mainline or siding. The set also includes a 90 degree crossing track as well.

his genuine BRIO Wooden Railway piece/set is a brand new, high-quality item made in Sweden. It is a rare, out-of-production treasure that is hand-built from solid beechwood, using environmentally-friendly paints. A toy of lasting quality that will inspire the imaginations of generations of young (3+) railroaders or make-believers.

BRIO wooden railway items are the true original, but are also compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends track and pieces too. So, the item featured here can be used to add on to any existing wooden railway.