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Brio - Farm Railway Set 33719


Cena: 61.52 EUR

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Brio - Farm Railway Set

  • Encourages children’s imagination and the development of their fine motor skills
  • The Farm railway set is durable whilst educational
  • Wooden train tracks are compatible with all BRIO trains and classic railway tracks
  • Wooden trains and tracks produced from FSC Certified wood
  • Suitable for children 3 years plus


BRI-33719 Back to nature. This retro design Farm Railway Play set lets your child lead the life of a farmer right from home. The cow is out on pasture while the tractor is taking the hay load to the barn. The crane then lifts the hay up onto the loft, for it to store and dry. When it is time to take the cow back in for the night, place them on the wagon with the help of the fold out ramp and transport the wagon with the farm engine. Durable and educational, this real life play set encourages children’s imagination and the development of their fine motor skills.

Box Contains

8 x Curved Tracks1 x Barn1 Engine1 x Wagon1 x Tractor1 x Trailer1 x Farm Level Crossing2 x Fences1 x Cow1 x Hay Bale1 x Cattle Road Sign