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Brio - My First Railway Set 33700 - ir veikalā


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Brio - My First Railway Set

BRI-33700 Build, play and rebuild again. This wooden locomotive has three train cars full of fruit, and it runs through a colourful house on its way from one town to another. My First railway set opens up the world of rail play for one and a half year olds. It is perfectly sized for little fingers and the wagons can be played with on and off the tracks. Its also compatible with BRIO's classic wooden railway. This is a durable toy with a classic design that encourages your child’s fine motor skills and logical thinking.

Box Contains

1 x Train 3 Carragies 8 x Wooden Track 1 x House

  • Encourages your child’s fine motor skills and logical thinking
  • The layout can be made into a circle or your child can design their own layout
  • Set contains 8 curved tracks, 2 on-off guide ramp tracks, train engine, 3 wagons and a padded fabric house for the engine to drive through
  • Compatible with all BRIO trains and classic railway tracks
  • Suitable for children 18 months plus