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BullyLand - Handcart Figurine 62753


Cena: 9.99 EUR

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BullyLand - Handcart Figurine 62753

  • Carefully and colourfully hand painted to give a 'true to life' look
  • Encourages imagination and creativity through new and inventive play
  • Manufactured to exceed the highest international safety standards
  • Recognised for excellence in design and quality
  • Made from PVC-free material

Of course, the family of hikers- father Hannes, mother Anna, and their son Julian, wouldn´t set off without their handcart, when they go off hiking together. They can take all their essentials with them, such as food and drink, binoculars and pocket knives, as well as a blanket for their picnic. Earlier, even Julian would sit in the cart when he got tired, but he doesn´t need that anymore! Nowadays he likes to show everyone what he´s made of.

Box Contains

1 x figurine