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Clementoni - Memo Game Doc McStuffins 13438


Cena: 13.50 EUR

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Clementoni - Memo Game Doc McStuffins 13438

Doc McStuffins - Memo Game Junior 80 picture cards

Who first finds the matching pairs of cards? 
Concentration and memory are asked 
to this exciting image search with the motives 
from the series Doc McStuffins to win a pediatrician. 

Content / Features 
80 picture cards (40 pairs of pictures) 
Number of Players: 1 + 
Suitable for children over 4 years! 

Manufacturer's warnings: 
Not suitable for children under 36 months! 
Article contains (consists of) small parts, 
which could be swallowed. 
Danger of suffocation! 

Please remove all packing material, 
before submitting the article to your child! 
Note texts and manufacturers' data on 
the packaging, carefully remove for later 
Inspection on!