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CubicFun - The White House 3D Puzzle C060H


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CubicFun - The White House 3D Puzzle C060H

  • 3D jigsaw
  • White House
  • Dimensions 28 x 21 x 19
  • 64 pieces
  • Minimum age: 9 years

The world's greatest Architecture puzzle will take your child on a journey through their imagination.Assembling this toy will help kids develop their fine and gross motor skills, shape cognition and self-expression. Young children can play this as a puzzle, a maze game and a 3D story as they wish. The puzzle can be easily assembled by punching out the puzzle pieces and match the numbers that are clearly marked on the puzzles. There will be a difficulty mark on the package to help parents choose the right puzzle for their child. The puzzle makes a beautiful desktop display of the famous building and is a great learning project. Numbered panels and assembly instructions included NO GLUE, NO SCISSORS required Made of paper and expandable polystyrene foam board.