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Tomy - The Good Dinosaur Bubbha Raptor L62023


Cena: 19.99 EUR

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Tomy - The Good Dinosaur Bubbha Raptor L62023

Meet Bubbha - one of the more fearsome characters from The Good Dinosaur! He's a terrifying Velociraptor who can rear up on his powerful hind legs. Bubbha's also got vicious claws glinting at every corner! Known as rustlers, raptors like to prey on any stray herd owned by the T-Rexes. Vicious, fast and extremely dangerous they may be, but they're not the brightest of beasts! Bubbha also comes with a tiny collectible critter that can attach to the horns of Large Figure Forrest Woodbush (sold separately). This large 16.5cm figure is for Disney Pixar fans aged three years & up.