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LEGLER "Allsorts" kinetic sand with toy set 10304


Cena: 99.98 EUR

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LEGLER "Allsorts" kinetic sand with toy set 10304

Preces izmēri - Box: approx. 52 x 34 x 15 cm, Spade: approx. 17 x 8 x 3 cm Ieteicamais vecums - no 2 20 pieces WARNING! Not suitable for children under 18 months old! To be used under the direct supervision of an adult!

No-one will get messy with this play sand! It is velvety soft and easy to shape. Five different colours, 500 grammes of each, are ideal for building colourful and creative things. Children will spend hours playing in the plastic box. Different moulds, a spade and fork guarantee lots of fun.