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LEGLER Activity Play Blanket 4492


Cena: 44.98 EUR

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LEGLER Activity Play Blanket 4492

Preces izmēri - height: approx. 54 cm, Ø approx. 86 cm Ieteicamais vecums - no 0 WARNING! Please check for damages before every use! Please keep this information for any possible correspondence.

Snuggly soft play blanket with sewn-on motifs. A foil mirror (that can‘t be broken!) in the sunshine and 2 little bears that make squeaking noises, 1 toadstool with rattle and 1 with inner workings that can be touched ensure that this is a real adventure for the sense of touch! The detachable bears and mushrooms hang as a mobile on the flexible, soft cushioned arcs (which can be detached thanks to the plastic fasteners)!