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LEGLER Balance Bike "Wespe" 4737


Cena: 99.98 EUR

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LEGLER Balance Bike "Wespe" 4737

Preces izmēri - approx. 80 x 36 x 50 cm, seat height approx. from 38 cm to 43 cm Ieteicamais vecums - no 3 WARNING! Wear personal protective equipment. Do not use in road traffic. Please keep this information for any possible correspondence.

In the nostalgic design of 1950‘s scooters, the stylish learner‘s bike is a real town and country runabout for young people! Made from multiplex wood and beech to be especially sturdy, it offers hours of riding fun! Full-rubber tyres ensure good riding comfort, while rubber grips with stop rings prevent hands from getting scraped or objects getting damaged. The saddle is height adjustable. The steering angle of the steering wheel is limited, thereby restricting the chance of falling off.