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LEGO CITY Police station 60047 Konstruktors


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 LEGO CITY Police station 60047 Konstruktors

 Sound the Police Station alarm! The tow truck has yanked the jail window clean off with the chain and is helping the prisoner escape. Another prisoner is making off through the roof hatch, while another has dug a secret escape route through the toilets. There's no time to lose – take off in the police helicopter and spot the runaways from the sky, then zoom after them in the police car and motorbike before they get away for good. This playset includes seven minifigures with assorted accessories: three policemen, a policewoman, and three crooks.

The Police Station playset, part of the LEGO City range, features offices, control tower, rotating radar dish, garage with opening door, lifting barrier, helipad, roof hatch, and two jail cells with four break-out windows, toilet, bed, and two surveillance cameras. Vehicles include a police car, police motorbike, helicopter with two side compartments, and crook's tow truck with grappling hook. Accessories include four pairs of handcuffs, three walkie talkies, two crowbars, a flashlight, a pair of binoculars, two balls and chains, three coffee mugs, two bank notes, a backpack, a megaphone, and a laptop.