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Minimālais vecums (gadi) 2+. Preces izmēri ieskaitot iepakojumu 40.0 x 37.5 x 30.5 cm. Apraksts: LOLLY THE ELEPHANT - Lolly is a soft and cute baby elephant that will make everyone fall in love with him. Lolly wakes up and wants to play! He has unique facial expressions and a soft body that is perfect for cuddling! He has real sounds and movements his trunk and ears really move! He loves to play with his colourful ball and loves to be cuddled pet him on his back and he will be happy. When he gets hungry he eats everything you put inside his mouth and makes a crunching sound. If he hears a loud noise he gets scared and he will close his eyes and lower his ears. All Lolly wants is to be loved and looked after!