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LASER X 2 PLAYER PACK 88016 - ir veikalā


Cena: 74.99 EUR

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Prece ir veikalā - Kr.Barona ielā 49, Rīgā.



Minimālais vecums (gadi) 6+. Preces izmēri ieskaitot iepakojumu 45.8 x 7.6 x 25.5 cm. Apraksts: The ultimate high tech game of tag! Play inside or out, day or night. The Laser X Blaster works from over 60 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. Gameplay allows unlimited players so you can play one-on-one or add in unlimited blasters and let battle commence! Select team Red, Blue or Go Rogue and blast anyone! As you are hit your Receiver vest will gradually change colour, hit eight times and you’re out! For each minute you are not hit you earn one hit back. Complete with Voice Coach Guidance, full colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music. Laser X really is the complete gaming experience. Set contains 2 Laser X Blasters and 2 Receiver Vests.