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Minimālais vecums (gadi) 8+. Preces izmēri ieskaitot iepakojumu 63.0 x 6.0 x 35.0 cm. Apraksts: NERF REBELLE STRONGHEART BOW ASST - Show your strength and your style with the Strongheart Bow blaster! This bow fires up to 4 darts in a row without reloading. Just pull back the string and let fly! It even comes with 1 Message Dart and a decoder so you can reveal the message hidden on the dart. Give the decoder to a friend so you can fire off the message in plain sight of your opponents. If you?re in the mood for a stylish shot use your 3 collectible darts instead. Everyone will know your heart and how strong it is when you?re armed with the Strongheart Bow blaster! Please note: If products are assorted, arrangement and image may vary from illustration.