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Minimālais vecums (gadi) 4+. Preces izmēri ieskaitot iepakojumu 20.0 x 20.5 x 7.5 cm. Apraksts: POKEMON Z-RING AND Z CRYSTALS AND PIKACHU - Experience the world of Pok?mon in a new way with the unique POK?MON Z-RING and Z-CRYSTALS! Compatible with the latest video game titles in the Pok?mon series for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems: Pok?mon Sun and Pok?mon Moon the Z-RING can interact and synchronize to enhance the game play experience with new Z-MOVES! In Nintendo 3DS/2DS Mode Z-CRYSTALS are used in the Z-RING to react simultaneously to the devastating Z-MOVES in the video game with sounds lights and vibrations! Each Z-CRYSTAL represents a different element type. Insert different type Z-CRYSTALS into the Z-RING to experience the colours vibration and sound effects for each. The POK?MON Z-RING can be used without the video game in Role-Play mode! Bring the battle play to life by pressing the button on the Z-RING to experience the different colours lights and vibration with each Z-CRYSTAL! The Z-RING can hold up to six additional Z-CRYSTALS with the active Z-CRYSTAL in place.