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NERF MEGA THUNDERBOW A8768 rotaļu ierocis


Cena: 64.68 EUR

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NERF MEGA THUNDERBOW A8768 rotaļu ierocis

  • For Ages 8 years and over
  • Mega Thunderbow and Dart refill pack Set
  • Feel real bow action
  • The bow includes 6 Mega N-Strike Elite Darts
  • 10 Piece Mega N-Strike Elite Darts

Thunderbow:Feel real bow action with the innovative Nerf Mega Thunderbow blaster! Show off your archery skills as you pull back and release the string, sending the Mega Darts whistling through the air up to a Mega distance of 85 feet. Unleash 5 darts in a row with the front-load bow. The bow has realistic flexing bow arms and comes with 5 Mega Whistler Darts.

Darts: Get 10 Mega Darts for mega distance! This 10-pack of far-flying darts gives you the ammo you need to get an edge on the battlefield. They work with most N-Strike blasters (sold separately). Ammo up with this Mega Series 10-pack!