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8 Ball All Stars NDS

Cena: 18.99 EUR

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Chalk up your cue and challenge your friends to a headto- head or doubles match.

Authentic tables, challenge mode, track record statistics plus wireless play. With 8 rule sets – US 8 ball, US 9 ball, UK 8 ball, 3 ball, 6 ball, 10 ball, rotation and straight pool – 7 table types and real pool physics, 8BallAllstars give you and your friends the best pool game on the DS!

8Ball Allstars is a modern and stylish take on pool, set in a global environment with a host of gameplay features to choose from.

  • 7 game types including 3,6,8,9,10 ball, straight pool and rotation
  • UK & US rule sets
  • 12 AI opponents with different levels of playing ability
  • Unlock different shaped tables and environments!
  • Sketch your avatar and table signature
  • 15 contemporary environments
  • Send messages to your opponents during play with Multiplayer Chat
  • Realistic table physics