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Alice in Wonderland NDS

Cena: 22.75 EUR

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Journey to Underland with Alice in an all-new videogame inspired by the Tim Burton movie and experience a fantastical world of illusions, exploration and unique gameplay where nothing is quite as it seems. Use the Mad Hatter and a menagerie of characters to unravel the mysteries of Underland. Explore a strange world, battle enemies and avoid traps. Meet bizarre new characters with unique abilities, solve mind-bending puzzles and play alongside your friends. Unravel the mystery of Underland and help Alice battle the Red Queen and defeat the Jabberwocky

  • Cool, quirky interpretation of the characters
  • New look, fully endorsed by Tim BurtonInnovative visual style
  • Accessible touch-screen control system
  • Create a diverse team with a range of abilities
  • Combat the legions of the Red Queen's army
  • Guide, protect and help Alice with her size changes
  • Create your own path through Underland using the Oraculum map feature