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Ben 10 Galactic Racing Playstation 3 (PS3) video spēle

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Ben 10 Galactic Racing Playstation 3 (PS3) video spēle

Žanrs: Racing

Izdevējs: 3D Publisher

Vecuma ierobežojums: 3+

Enjoy the Ben 10 multiplayer experience like never before in the Galactic Grand Prix. Filled with exciting surprises at every turn, battle across 25 challenging tracks which randomly change course half way through a race!

Spread across 5 different planets from the Ben 10 Universe, you can play as either Ben, Kevin or chose from a selection of 13 aliens. Select your favourite kart from the huge choice of 30, and use your characters special abilities to win the race!


Become a Champion in a Galactic Grand Prix!

  • Select a character and compete against opponents in a circuit of action packed, high-speed races in increasingly challenging tracks! Filled with offensive and defensive pick-ups, where players earn unique rewards along the way.

Enjoy the Ben 10 Multiplayer Experience Like Never Before

  • For the first time ever, the Ben 10 Racing Game will allow you to compete with up to 3 friends to become the champion racer.

Race as Your Favourite Characters

  • Players can race as Ben, who can transform himself into aliens mid-race by picking up his unique power-ups, or as many other players from the Ben 10 Universe. Each character has their own unique super charged move.

Fun and Challenging Tracks

  • Burn rubber on more than 25 different race tracks, which include extreme courses that shift mid-race, on 5 massive planets. Players can also choose from more than 30 Karts, including those from the Ben 10 Series and unique to the game!

Original Storyline with Exceptional Level of Authenticity

  • Based on the phenomenally-successful and Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network original animated Ben 10 Series. All art, style, sound effects and music are 100% authentic to the show.