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Eyepet Move Edition (Move) PS3 - ir uz vietas

Vecā cena: 29.99 EUR

Cena: 24.99 EUR

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Prece ir veikalā - Kr.Barona ielā 49, Rīgā.


Žanrs: Kids/Family

Izdevējs: Sony

Vecuma ierobežojums: 3+

Nepieciešams PlayStation Move

Interact with EyePet using your hand, voice and the PlayStation Move.
See yourself and your EyePet playing together in your own living room.
Draw toys, watch you EyePet copy them and then see them come to life in your living room.
Look after you pet and play with him using loads of cool toys and tools attached to your PlayStation Move.

Say hello to your new friend, the marvellous and magical EyePet! Reach out with your hand to stroke him as he comes alive in your living room!
Play together with amazing toys attached to your PlayStation Move. Wash and feed your pet, and choose from hundreds of outfits and fur styles.
With so much to do, from fishing, to tennis, to drawing toys that come to life, you and your EyePet will have special memories forever.