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Williams Pinball Classics PS3

Cena: 30.99 EUR

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  • 13 of the most popular Williams pinball tables of all time (Wii and PSP versions have 10 tables)
  • Unrivaled pinball physics
  • Accurate and extremely detailed graphical and audio recreation
  • PS3/Xbox360 versions features lifelike HD graphics
  • PSP version features vertical screen mode and game sharing
  • Multiplayer modes on all tables
  • Redesigned, intelligent camera system that puts you exactly where you need to be.
  • Improved, streamlined gameplay.
  • Table details are now fully modelled as opposed to flat.
  • PS3/Xbox360: Absolutely stunning HD graphics that have to be seen to be believed. It’s like being in front of the real thing, only it’s on Free Play!
  • PSP Features: The portable version of the game will enable you to turn the PSP on its side in order to utilize the vertical screen mode and see even more of the table at any one time!
  • Wii Features: Supremely accurate graphics combine with the ability to shake the remote and nunchuk in order to nudge the machine left and right!