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Amazing Family Pack Playstation 4 (PS4) video spēle

Cena: 39.98 EUR

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Entertaining family entertainment at a fair price. Another Sight A young girl who has lost her sight and a hangover set off on an adventure together. The evolving story brings together some of the most important contemporary minds: Monet, Tesla, Edison, and other icons of cultural history. The Adventures of 00 Dilly Experience the adventures of 00 Dilly! The ultimate crash test dummy comes to life! Help Dilly to prove his skills and shoot him over the Grand Canyon with the most bizarre devices. Together you collect points, find treasures and fly to the highscore! Mad Games Tycoon Start your own game studio in the early 80s. Your journey begins in a small garage with little money. Create new game concepts, put together a team and develop the next million dollar hit. Build your empire and [preliminary view] rule the gaming industry!