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Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition Playstation 5 (PS5) video spēle

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Immortals Fenyx Rising creates a new adventure. As the demigod / demigoddess Fenyx, the players set out to save the world of the gods of Greek mythology from a dark horror. They have to defy mythical beasts, attain the legendary power of the gods and defeat Typhon, the most dangerous titan, in an epic battle. The fate of the world is in Fenyx's hands and he / she represents the last hope of the gods. Immortals Fenyx Rising offers a new perspective on the open-world action-adventure genre. It features dynamic action, gripping battles and tells an entertaining story inspired by Greek mythology. The beautiful open game world can be explored freely. The extraordinary abilities of the gods teach the monsters to fear. The brave players can look forward to valuable trials, heroic deeds and the underworld. A centuries-long epic story full of gods and monsters awaits to be explored by legendary heroes and heroines. The Gold Edition of the game includes: The Game - Immortals Fenyx Rising DEN SEASON PASS - The Season Pass offers more gameplay experiences and a bonus mission when the road gets bumpy with individual rewards. DIGITAL CONTENT - The Hades the Shadow Master Character Pack with armor, helmet, mount, wings & phoinix in the style of Hades, the lord of the underworld. - The Orion's Blessed Weapons Pack. These weapon skins let sword, ax and bow shine in the heavenly design of Orion. - The prism wings let the feathers of Fenyx shine in the colors of the rainbow. All the pride of Daedalus.