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ATV Off-Road Fury Pro PSP

Cena: 24.99 EUR

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ATV Offroad Fury Pro for PSP (PlayStationPortable) and ATV Offroad Fury 4 for PlayStation2 (PS2) both picked up coveted IGN Best Racing Game titles at E3 in 2006 – and they’re set to leave tyre tracks across your screen this summer. With major gameplay advances including new vehicle types, vast new courses, Track Editor function and Crosstalk cross-platform connectivity, these new ATV Offroad Fury games are guaranteed winners – now, it’s time for you to fasten your helmet and pick up a win or two of your own.

Select a bike, buggy, quad bike or truck and battle for first place on some of the most deviously-designed, gravity-defying tracks in the history of offroad racing. As well as trophies for first place, there are points to be scored for pulling off various mid-air stunts, ranging from the risky Bar Kneel to the wipeout-inducing Saran Wrap. Mistime any of these tricks and you’ll be eating dirt for breakfast; get them right and you’ll be propelled up the leaderboard faster than wheels alone can take you. With eight race modes and a huge number of courses – 70 tracks for ATV Offroad Fury 4 and 64 tracks for ATV Offroad Fury Pro - no race is ever the same. Events include Supercross, Rallycross, National, the tricked-out Freestyle event, the lengthy Endurocross, the ice-bound Snowcross race and Baja-style Point-to-Point racing (ATV Offroad Fury 4 only). ATV Offroad Fury 4 also has an all-new Story Mode, allowing you to start as a rookie rider and work your way to the pinnacle of professional racing.

Your PlayStation controlled race opponents are capable riders who won’t give you an inch – but that’s not the half of it. With ATV Offroad Fury Pro for PSP, you can compete with up to four friends locally via Ad Hoc mode, and with ATV Offroad Fury 4 for PS2 you can experience the excitement of four-player split-screen action via Multitap. When you’ve raced all of the tracks supplied, you can design your own course with the Track Editor and take on all comers on a course of your own making. If you need high-adrenaline action daily, if you laugh in the face of danger and if you’ve got the guts to do what it takes to win, ATV Offroad Fury Pro and ATV Offroad Fury 4 are the racing games for you this autumn.

Ultra realistic vehicles: motorbikes move swiftly while trucks are capable on the corners. Enormous customisation possibilities – earn sponsorship as you progress and spend the money on fine-tuning your machine.

Full-throttle soundtrack to fuel your stunt potential: race to music from artists including Thirty Seconds to Mars and Audioslave – with tracks created exclusively for ATV Offroad Fury from bands like Alkaline Trio, Senses Fail, All That Remains, From Autumn to Ashes and Moneen.

Crosstalk: ATV Offroad Fury Pro on PSP is compatible with ATV Offroad Fury 4 on PS2, allowing you to exchange vehicles and tracks, unlock content and maximise your networking power.

If the champion in you needs a chance to shine, these devious, dirty, offroad racing titles are for you. Already winning awards across the board, ATV Offroad Fury Pro and ATV Offroad Fury 4 are the racing games for PSP and PS2 this autumn – we’ll see you on the start line.