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Medal of Honors Heroes 2 PSP

Cena: 18.99 EUR

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  • PSP-Leading Epic Multiplayer – Jump into 32-person online multiplayer action or 8-player ad hoc matches anytime, anywhere in three different multiplayer modes on six battlefields.
  • High-Fidelity Visuals – The battlefield comes alive on the most visually stunning PSP battlefields, weapon models, & effects to date.
  • All-new OSS Action – Use the PSP to carry out your top secret OSS objectives. For the first time, maneuver across minefields, fire artillery and mortar, sabotage enemy radios, and set demolition charges with the power of the PSP.
  • Customized for the PSP – All-new levels, storyline, and characters add up to the ultimate onthe- go Medal of Honor experience.