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Asura's Wrath Xbox 360 video spēle

Cena: 27.99 EUR

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Asura's Wrath Xbox 360 video spēle

Žanrs: Action

Izdevējs: Capcom

Vecuma ierobežojums: 16+


Asura's Wrath is the excitingly violent action game brought to you by Capcom. Using an innovative blend of both Asian mythology and science fiction, Asura's Wrath incorporates a thoroughly textured storyline, and combines it with hard hitting exaggerated action right from the get go. Fight your way through this jam packed action game and the sea of madness within it, as you prove that rage never dies.

You are Asura, a demigod and former General in the court of the divine Emperor. You return home from war to a summons from the Emperor himself, but when you arrive to meet him, you find him murdered. You are accused of treason and murder, and escape only to find that a fellow demigod, Deus, was the one who framed you, and has now murdered your wife and kidnapped your daughter. Now banished and stripped of all your powers, you must battle your way through the world and every demigod and enemy you encounter as you search for your beloved missing daughter. You are Asura the fallen, and the world must feel your wrath.

Asura's Wrath specialises in both ranged attacks as well as close quarters combat, within which both quick time events and action commands have been incorporated, keeping you fully engaged in the battle at all times. With every blow you land, your Burst Gauge will steadily fill, and when full you will be able to unleash the full extent of Asura's wrath in order to truly decimate your opponent. This will come in handy as more often than you would probably like, you will come face to face with bosses that are the size of planets. The fighting style you possess will also change throughout the game, allowing even more versatility and combat adaptations. Asura's Wrath combines deep storyline with fast and fluid violence, creating a game that will appeal to players on all levels. Remember, rage never dies.