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Cabela's Dangerous Adventures Xbox 360 video spēle

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Cabela's Dangerous Adventures Xbox 360 video spēle

In the ultimate battle of man versus nature, Cole Rainsgord finds himself fighting for his own life after a safari trip with his estranged father in Africa takes a fatal turn. Sent to track down savage animals that have been terrorising remote villages Cole suddenly finds himself stranded and facing the most fearsome and savage animals in Africa. Now fighting for his own survival Cole must make it out of the wilderness alive as he becomes prey to some of the most deadly creatures on the planet.

  • Intense storyline: A story of revenge and redemption as dark mysterious and secrets are revealed. Experience the suspense, drama and face kill-or-be-killed scenarios in this action packed first person adventure game
  • The worlds deadliest animals: Face the world's deadliest predators in boss battles that will test your will to survive
  • Multiplayer Games: Experience Multiplayer side by side (second Top Shot gun required) with a friend with over 30 challenging games, going head to head or in co-op. See if you can survive wave after wave of attacks and who can score the most points