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Maneater Xbox Series X video spēle

Cena: 47.98 EUR

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Experience the ultimate power fantasy and slip into the skin of a giant shark, the most feared predator of the seas. Terrorize the coastal waters and tear swimmers and divers to pieces. Give people a reason to fear you because at Maneater you are the shark! Explore different underwater environments, from swamps and rivers to seaside resorts and the deep blue sea with a full day and night cycle. The only tools are your mind, your jaw, and the great ability to evolve while you are eating. Become the ultimate eating machine and find rare prey to evolve much further than nature could ever have planned In the living world of Maneater, you unlock different levels of development to improve your shark as you progress through the game. This is also urgently needed because people are relentlessly fighting back. Fight different types of human hunters, everything from small row boats to coast guards, to compete for your position at the top of the food chain. Also contains Tiger Shark Evolution Finally grown up, Maneater will offer ray tracing, native 4K HDR at 60 FPS and new lighting effects on the new console generations, with which the underwater world of Maneater will appear even more realistic and lively. Xbox Series S owners will also enjoy more vibrant graphics and increased frame rates.