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Driver Parallel Lines Nintendo Wii video spēle

Цена: 32.00 EUR

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Driver Parallel Lines Nintendo Wii video spēle

  • Wii Controllers Integration Intuitive utilization of the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk for a unique sensation of driving and 3rd person action
  • FPS style for an addictive gameplay - use the Wii Remote to point, lock and shoot the target
  • Gripped camera in 3rd person on Walk Mode - Over the shoulder more immersive experience of the game
  • Experience Open Environments Racing over 260 km in Two Distinct Time Periods Multiple paths to complete over 32 missions and 132 sight jobs across photo-realistic 1978 & 2006 New York City
  • Control and Customize Over 80 Drivable Vehicles - Including cars, motorcycles, and trucks - all integrated with a realistic vehicle damage system
  • Authentic Hollywood- style Action Experience adrenaline pumping high speed racing and car chases