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EA Sports Active: More Workouts Nintendo Wii - ir uz vietas

Цена: 18.00 EUR

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Продукт в магазине - Kr.Barona 49, Rīga.


Жанр: Sports

Издатель: Electronic Arts

Ограничитель возвраста: 3+

Expand your keep fit regime with all new workouts, exercise routines and extra features. EA Sports Active is already the number one choice for fitness fans and this adds more than 35 new exercises, with an emphasis on the upper and lower body - particularly abdominal exercises.


This doesn't just offer new workouts though, but a new easier-to-use interface that works like your own personal trainer to help provide advice and feedback personalised to your needs. You can track your progress in your own in-game journal and even set-up your own routines and sets of exercises.

There's also a new six-week challenge, which your trainer can help customise and monitor for you, complete with a calorie and weight tracker and intermediate goals. If you're serious about losing weight and keeping fit then the extra workouts and features means that EA Sports Active is once again the best option on the Wii.

Key Features

  • Fit for purpose: Make use of 35 new exercises in the biggest collection of keep fit workouts and routines ever seen in a Wii game.
  • New routine: New exercises focus on your upper and lower body, as well as cardio and new warm up and cool down drills.
  • Keep fit equipment: Use not only the remote and nunchuck, but also the Balance Board and EA Sports Active leg strap and resistance band to get the most out of your routines.
  • Virtual trainer: New user interface makes instructions clearer and easier to understand, with constant feedback on your exercise techniques and progress.
  • Goal in: Set your own fitness goals and track them with the new six week full body challenge and get regular updates on your calorie and weight targets.