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Madden NFL 10 Nintendo Wii video spēle

Жанр: Sports

Издатель: Electronic Arts

Ограничитель возвраста: 3+

Madden NFL 10 epitomizes what fun looks like on the Wii, delivering the most social and dynamic experience from the franchise to date. This year, Madden NFL 10 arrives on the Wii with breathtaking visuals that will captivate both seasoned veterans and new comers to the franchise. Completely redesigned and built from the ground up, Madden NFL 10 introduces a unique art style that will define the look of sports games on the Wii.

In addition, players will enjoy realism like they have never seen before on the Wii platform with all-new player models that embody characteristics of your favorite athletes, new larger-than-life stadiums showcase details found at each of the 32 NFL fields and 4-player multiplayer support.

Intuitive Fun Controls
The control scheme of Madden NFL 10 for Wii is designed with the casual player in mind. Just point and go with the Wii remote, and you'll be throwing game-winning touchdown passes and grinding out yardage on the ground, or if on defense covering your men downfield and blitzing past the line of scrimmage.

Skill Level Play Calling
No matter what level of experience players have with the Madden franchise and/or football in general, Madden NFL 10 for Wii makes calling the right play at the right time easy with three play call settings: All Play, Intermediate and Advanced. Within these options players have further flexibility with even more play calling options including: the "Ask Madden" help option, a play types overview and an list of reusable plays recently ran.

Call Your Shots
Last year's favorite Madden NFL feature is now on defense. With offensive players in motion do you feel the need to switch gears and go for the blitz or drop a player or two back to add coverage in the secondary on the fly? No problem, simply select players and drag them to the spot on the field that you want them positioned. Just remember that your opponent is watching your moves as well, and in local play can see your on-screen pointer, meaning that he/she may counter your changes if you make your move too quickly.

Huddle Up Co-op Mode & the Road to the Super Bowl
In the Huddle Up co-op mode, a less experienced player has an opportunity to impact individual plays in a big way. Help your teammate by using the pointer to throw an extra block or trip up a receiver. And in the Road to the Super Bowl, play with your friends as a team as you throw you join forces on the field to attain pro football's ultimate title. Players can jump in and out throughout the season as you work together to become the national champs.

Spotlight Moments
What's a Wii game without a mini-game or two? With that in mind Madden NFL 10 features Spotlight Moments, play-specific mini-games that occur a few times during a game. Often occurring at crucial points, for example as a receiver and defender jostle for position in the endzone, Spotlight Moments are built around zoomed in camera angles and allow players to experience the heightened drama of game-changing plays as action slows down and the outcome of a play and perhaps even the game falls to players' skills at button mashing with the Wii remote.

Madden Showdown
Madden Showdown is a 1-4 player tournament. Enjoy classic 11-on-11 football or experience the thrill of playing 5-on-5 in this quick, customizable competition, as you and your friends go head-to-head in an effort to become the next Showdown Champion. There are three major feature components to Madden Showdown:

  • Game Changers - The rules of NFL football have remained largely the same for many years with little to no deviation. Game Changers allows you to change all of that with a click of the Wiimote. Users can mix and match between eight different options, each placing a unique spin on the game.
  • Prediction System - Winning on the field isn't everything. The prediction system gives you a chance to predict the outcome of three different categories per game. To top it off, you have the option to risk your points in order to get ahead. If you win, it will positively affect your ranking in the tournament. If you lose, your poor decision-making could cost you the lead or dig you into a deeper hole.
  • Spotlight Moments - Experience the drama of game-changing plays with Spotlight Moments. During critical situations, cameras move in tight and gameplay slows down to allow you to influence the biggest plays of the game. During these moments, micro-games are created that allow players of all skill levels to experience and influence the game's most crucial moments.
  • All-New Genre-Defining Visual Style - Completely redesigned, Madden NFL 10 brings striking visuals to the Wii with all-new player models, larger-than-life stadiums, new animations and a stylized broadcast presentation.