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Medieval Games Wii

Цена: 23.00 EUR

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Dive into the storybook world of Medieval Games! Battle dragons, storm the castle, or joust with up to three of your friends in a quest to become the tournament champion. Choose from eight iconic characters such as the Knight, Princess, or Wizard as you experience Free Play, Tournament, and Board Game modes. Good olde light hearted humour, easy pick up and play action, and addictive gameplay make Medieval Games a favourite for all families!

  • The first Wii game set in Medieval Times!
  • 30 unique Medieval minigames including sword fighting, jousting, archery, and catapulting
  • Challenge your opponents in fun competition modes like Free Play and Tournament
  • Compete across three distinct game board
  • Invite up to three friends to join in the fun with 4-person multiplayer action