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MySims Racing (My Sims Racing) Nintendo Wii video spēle

Цена: 32.99 EUR

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MySims Racing (My Sims Racing) Nintendo Wii video spēle

Жанр: Racing

Издатель: Electronic Arts

Ограничитель возвраста: 18+

Race into an all-new adventure with the MySims! Start out at the driving school and learn the ways of the road. Work your way up to facing the toughest MySims rival racers and trickiest tracks in the land. The more you win, the more you’ll be able to customize your kart and trick it out with new gadgets and power-ups. When you’re ready, take on your friends in four-player mode!

Are you ready to get karting again?

MySims Racing is the perfect follow-up to the Nintendo classic, thanks to its zany, high-speed races, awesome power-ups and charismatic characters but there’s also much more to enjoy! Create your MySims character from all sorts of weird and wacky looks and pick out your wheels. Once you’ve decked it out with a cool paint job and some funky accessories, explore the once great racing city of Speedville. Take on tricky opponents or up to three friends in frantic races packed with crazy power-ups and hidden shortcuts. Master the art of drifting and boost control for that all-important racing edge and compete in championships to recapture the city’s glorious past.