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Shaun White Skateboarding Nintendo Wii video spēle

Цена: 22.00 EUR

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Shaun White Skateboarding Nintendo Wii video spēle

Жанр: Sports

Издатель: Ubisoft

Ограничитель возвраста: 12+

Players will discover a deserted city, empty except for a few holdouts who are thrilled to have the city to themselves. Through their skating players can transform the dull and gray city into a thriving metropolis by extending handrails into endless grinds, carving alleys into half pipes, morphing streets into ramps and much more. Forgotten plazas will turn into ultimate skating spots, and unlikely areas (like a train station or amusement park) will become skating playgrounds. Shaun White, with the help of DJ, will guide players from the beginning, finding fresh spots to skate and spinning tunes. Shaun White Skateboarding empowers skaters to push the limits of what’s possible.

Key Features

Transformation – a creativity-driven gameplay innovation – Discover incredible skate lines using everyday structures. Twisting rails take you to dizzying heights, fountains empty to create bowls, epic quarter pipes turn plazas into playgrounds and so much more. With over 150 transformations, players will create new areas with better skate lines. Creativity is rewarded with points, gear, money and new skating opportunities.

Explore and discover a world full of skateboarding potential – Meet up with some old friends from Shaun White Snowboarding to transform skate spots into a playground you’ve only dreamed about. The city is stretched over massive districts with tons of challenges to complete, including race, collect, narrative missions and more. With over 100 pieces of gear and goodies plus wacky costumes to collect throughout the game, every challenge offers something new.

Transform and compete with multiplayer – With dedicated co-op and head-to-head modes, challenge up to 3 of your friends in split-screen. Master the over-the-top Big Air and Big Bowl modes where you’ll need all of your skate skills to fight vertigo and knock your opponents out of the competition. See how you stack up against players from across the world using online leaderboards.

Ride like the pros – With 80+ skate tricks hand-picked by Shaun White (including a Shaun creation called the “Armadillo”), enjoy a unique and fun gameplay experience where you can transform the city while pulling off authentic skate moves. In addition to core tricks, you’ll learn signature moves that defy gravity and push the limits of each character. Each map guarantees a wide variety of new areas to test your skills, opportunities to compete with friends and/or just cruise around in free-ride.

Experience all the sensations of skating on Wii Balance Board – Like the sensations of snowboarding in Shaun White Snowboarding, players are once again immersed in the action with the Wii Balance Board™ accessory from Nintendo. Use the Wii Balance Board to jump, grind and take on challengers in the Big Bowl – all from your living room!