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Adidas MiCoach (Kinect) Xbox 360 - ir veikalā

Цена: 24.98 EUR

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Продукт в магазине - Kr.Barona 49, Rīga.


Xbox 360 Kinect видео игра Adidas MiCoach для Microsoft Xbox 360 игровой консоли с Kinect сенсором

Жанр: Sports

Издатель: 505 Games

Ограничитель возвраста: 3+

Tребуется Kinect sensor

Adidas miCoach is a complete sports training system on Kinect for Xbox 360. Designed to take performance to the next level, players will train side by side with a variety of internationally recognized sports stars, continuously receiving feedback in real time.

For those who love to participate in sports, Adidas miCoach is the highly successful personal training solution from global sports giant adidas, tailored to meet your training needs and goals.

Become part of the miCoach world
Adidas miCoach for X360 Kinect and PS3 Move is an alternative access point to your miCoach world. Seamlessly integrate your training plans and bring them to life in your home!

Performance monitoring

Adidas miCoach performance monitoring technology covers both specific sports and general fitness.

Structured training plans

Movement and cardio data is collected during training or competitions and helps build a training plan, which is specific to your sport, training goals and lifestyle.

Social interaction
With miCoach you can share and compare your data online. You can sync all your miCoach products with each other or use on their own.

Pro athlete tips and advice
Get the most from each workout with training tips from the athletes behind adidas miCoach.

Authentic and authorised
This is the first product which provides sportsmen and women with an authentic and authorised technical sports training and fitness programme, bringing a whole new level of interactivity to your fitness regime.

Featured Athletes

Ana Ivanovic
Since the age of 5 Ana Ivanovic has dreamed of being a Tennis star like her hero Monica Seles, whom she watched on the television in her native country - Serbia. Her hard work, training and dedication have helped her realize her dream and she is now one of the top female players in the world winning 10 tournaments, the highlight being the 2008 French Open.

Jessica Ennis
Jessica Ennis showed promise as a heptathlete and pentathlete from an early age. She started when she was 9 years old, trying all the events at a summer camp. When she reached the age of 16 she took things more seriously and has never looked back. She has won gold medals at the IAAF World Championships, IAAF Indoor World Championships and the European Athletics Championships.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite is known to most people as Kaka, and plays as a Midfielder for Real Madrid as well as the Brazilian National Team. He's been playing football since he was 8 years old, professionally since he was 18. He won the FIFA World Cup with Brazil when he was just 20. He's also played for AC Milan and was awarded in 2007 the FIFA World Player of the Year, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year and the Ballon D'Or. It hasn't all been glory though, at 18 he suffered from a potentially career ending spinal injury, but after a lot of hard work and dedication he recovered back to top form.