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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game Xbox One / Series X видео игра

Цена: 41.98 EUR

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With 18 fun Olympic events, an extensive avatar creator and local and online multiplayer mode for up to eight players, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game offers plenty of excitement for budding Olympians of all ages. Your own Olympic dream can be realized at home or in multiplayer mode! Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The official video game also includes a comprehensive avatar creator for players in which they can create their dream athletes. More than 100 different colorful clothing items are available - from traditional outfits to funny pirate and astronaut costumes. Eight-player multiplayer, ranked games and global high scores offer plenty of fun in the hunt for gold for the budding Olympians. Faster Higher Further. 18 disciplines are available in single player and multiplayer mode: - 100 m run - 110 m hurdles run - 4 x 100 m relay run - 100 m freestyle (swimming) - 200 m individual medley (swimming) - baseball - basketball - beach volleyball - BMootball - hammer throwing - judo - long jump - sevens rugby - sport climbing - table tennis - tennis