Philos Titus, KH 83 mm, chess pieces 2052 шахматные фигуры

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design: Staunton, king size 83 mm, sheesham and boxwood natural, polished, hand-carved knight, synthetic leather base, with box for the pieces.
suggestion: board 2307

number of players: 2
recommended age: from age 6
playing time: ca. 10 minutes

Chess is one of the oldest skill games in the world. It is commonly accepted that
Chess originated 4,000 years ago in India and Persia, although this is far from clear.
Modern Chess, as we know it today, is about 2,000 years old and has developedinto one of the most
popular games in the world. Chess is a game of strategy for two people. Although it is a highly complex
and sophisticated game, Chess can also beenjoyed at a simpler level by inexperienced players.